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Banda Music: Field Recordings From West Central Ghana [10 PACK]

Image of Banda Music: Field Recordings From West Central Ghana [10 PACK]


This album of contemporary and traditional music is a fundraiser for Friends of Bui, a non-profit benefiting the communities being displaced by Bui Hydroelectric Dam in Ghana.

Banda is located in the west-central region of Brong Ahafo, Ghana. Its unique geography provided a home for numerous groups seeking shelter from across West Africa during the slave trade era. Perhaps that explains the truly eclectic character of the area’s musical landscape. But that can’t be all. Today’s young musicians are influenced by their past as well as an ever global present. This album is a testament to their dynamic history and a future just as open to endless possibilities.

This field recording is brought to you in the spirit of sharing. It is an attempt to transport the listener to the wonderful region of Banda. It is by no means a studio album, so do not purchase it expecting high fidelity, studio perfect sound. These tracks are recorded as true to the rhythm of life in Banda as possible. You will hear children dancing and cheering, livestock bleating in the background, and all the sounds that accompany the lively musical environment of Banda.

Released November 2nd, 2010
Produced and Recorded on Location by Devin Tepleski
Mastered at The Woodshop Studio by Zak Cohen
All Music Copyright of Performers
Distribution in the Care of Devin Tepleski
Photography Copyright of Devin Tepleski 2010